Watteco is one french manufacturer of "no new wire" Powerline technology components (PLC) devoted to energy efficiency and intelligent home control applications.

Watt Pulse Communications (WPC) has revolutionised the intelligent home control market, by offering a new, innovative solution.

WPC technology usess a Powerline communication micro-modem, considerably improving communication between devices and the Grid.

Contrary to other traditional PLC systems which inject energy in the form of carriers, WPC uses the resonance frequencies of the Grid to commmunicate with electromagnetic pulses.

As a bidirectional transducer (transmissionend reception), the WPC modem assures the command and the control of different residential applications.watteco evaluation kit




This unic technologiy, the fruit of many years of research and development, addresses the esential needs of efficient energy management in intelligent homes.

The WPC Protocol:

This technology takes advantages of a physical natural phenomen: the ignition pulse produced by appliances when connected to an electrical network (the Pulse).

This unique revolutionary worldwide patented technology is gradually replacing low data rate PLC.

Watteco now offers WPC version 2.0 which, enriched with new functions and totally independent of any protocol, enables OEM and manufacturers to embed 10 kbits/s PLC into their products while conserving their usual protocol.

A multitude of applications: WPC is a reliable low-power, low-cost technology which offers a new wireless communication tool for a variety of domestic and commercial applications such as energy efficiency, lighting appliance control, electric shutters and security.

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  • Heim Automation
  • modules Zwave Europe

    Z-Wave und Heimautomation

    • Drahtlosen
    • Intercompatibility Hersteller
    • Remote Control
    • Easy Setup
    • Übertragungssicherheit
    • Europäische Frequenz 868,42 MHz
  • CCTV

    Die IP-basierten Kameras lassen sich so nahtlos in das Heim- oder Geschäftsnetzwerk einbinden

  • Heimautomation

    Alle für einen intelligente Haus

    • Energieverwaltung
    • Sicherheit und Überwachung
    • Anwesenheitssimulation
    • Ausgestattet mit Internetzugang Sharing
    • Sound Multiroom
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